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Automated product import from XML or CSV file to your Opencart store.

iXML Importer is a great extension for your shop, if your suppliers offer XML exports.

The difference between this extension and other importers is that you really don't have to care about XML structures and heavy configuration, because we do that for you.

With this extension you can easily import and synchronize your shop data with your suppliers XML. 
Once you set up the XML importer for your supplier, you are ready to go.

Setting up the importer is very easy since you don't have to configure any XML structures. We will do that for you. You just select the parse function for your suppliers XML, set up the default classes than match the states and categories and you are ready to go.

This tool can handle several thousand products with ease and import them within seconds. 
The additional feature for downloading images slows the process down but the import is still one of the fastest on the market.


  • Secure and simple installation with vQmod without changing any core files.
  • Automated import with Cron job
  • All product and additional images will be downloaded to the server during import
  • Once you XML importer is set up data will be imported and synchronized with light speed.
  • Detailed settings: Default stock status, weight and length units, default tax class, modify price during import (e.g. adding 20% to supplier price)
  • Match supplier stock statuses and categories with yours
  • New features added regularly
  • Great support

After you bought this extension send us your supplier’s xml and we will custom write parse function for it, contact you and send you your extension.


User: demo
Pass: demo

Example of xml file:cenik.xml You will need this file to test demo version. By clicking on link you will download it to your computer.


  1. Go to tab Extensions ⇒ Modules
  2. Find iXML Importer and click on [Edit]
  3. You can go to System iXML Importer and click on [Edit] (you end up in the same place)
  4. Put in unique name for importer that you are creating (in demo version it is already there but you can put in your own)
  5. Put in default settings (e.g. kilograms for weight unit, centimeters for length)
  6. Save your settings!
  7. Again go to System iXML Importer and click on [Edit]
  8. Find Get categories and stock statuses from XML and click on Choose file
  9. Select xml file from your supplier (in demo version that would be cenik.xml)
  10. Click on Get categories & Statuses
  11. In field STOCK STATUS MAPPING match conditions between your shop and your supplier's xml (e.g. field out of stock from dropdown menu Shop statuses matches out of stock in xml – with key Ctrl you can select more than one field)
  12. In field CATEGORY MAPPING match category names between your shop and your supplier’s xml. You can select entire category or just one or more items. Individual items you select by clicking on them, entire category you select by clicking on a button with an arrow, on the right side of the field with category name.
  13. Save your settings!
  14. Again go to System iXML Importer
  15. Select importer you created and click on Choose file
  16. Select xml file from your supplier
  17. Click on Import
  18. In lower left corner of your browser you can monitor progress
  19. iXML Importer vas will inform you when the last import was done, how long it took, how many products and how many pictures was imported.

If you have any questions or if you need help contact us at support@inteh.si

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